AMERICA/ECUADOR - Bishops Conference denounce forced interpretations of constitutional norms which threaten to plunge the nation into anarchy or dictatorship

Friday, 10 December 2004

Quito (Fides Service) - In a statement “For the Constitution and the Nation” dated 9 December 2004, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ecuador CEE voiced deep concern for “forced interpretations of constitutional norms which have led the general situation of the country to an extremely dangerous point which threatens democratic order”. They denounce the fact that the National Congress had recourse to procedures judged by the Bishops contrary to established constitutional norms and which damage the very basis of democracy since they seriously harm the common good and threaten to plunge the national into anarchy or dictatorship.
The brief CEE statement ends with an urgent appeal to Congress to reconsider its conduct and start necessary reforms beginning with constitutional order. The Bishops call on all social and political forces to work to reach a peaceful agreement, far from paths which are seeds of social violence. “This is the time to ask God that all Ecuadorians, united in common Christian inspiration, may make the necessary efforts so that wisdom, democracy, equity and national unity may prevail” (R.Z.) (Agenzia Fides 10/12/2004, righe 14, parole 188)