AMERICA/BOLIVIA - Insults and defamation: a campaign that has no political agenda

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sucre (Agenzia Fides) - Avoid insults and cowardly actions, instead worry about presenting a government program and make it known to the people: asked the Archbishop of Sucre and President of the Social Pastoral Caritas of Bolivia, His Exc. Mgr. Jesus Juarez Parraga SDB, addressing the candidates of different political parties, on the occasion of the election campaign for the general elections of 12 October, in which Bolivians will elect a new parliament and a new president.
"I think all these insults we hear from politicians - said Mgr. Juarez talking to the press - are contrary to the law on racism and all forms of discrimination, so it would be better to worry about presenting the program positively and not to insult the opponents. You will see that the results will be positive, because one responds to an insult with another insult, and so in democracy there is no progress".
The note sent to Fides by a local source, reports that the Archbishop was questioned following the recent insults among politicians that have been reported by the Bolivian media. Just as an example, says the note, last weekend President Evo Morales rejected the comparison with the opposition candidate (Unidad Democrática), Samuel Doria Medina, telling him to go and discuss his ideas "with his grandmother". On Tuesday, July 8, Vice President Álvaro García while celebrating the 115th anniversary of the province of Campero (Cochabamba), publicly said that "Bolivia is divided in two: between the patriots and those who sell their homeland".
In this context, Mgr. Jesus Juárez Párraga has asked political parties not to fall into the dirty war of discrediting their opponents, but urged them to practice the common good, dignity and respect for human rights, which are the cornerstones of the Catholic Church. Public opinion is embitteed about the lack of information on the elections, while there are already 10 registered parties that have started their own campaign. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 10/07/2014)