AFRICA/EGYPT - The Coptic Orthodox Church: thanks to the army, bulwark against chaos

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Cairo (Agenzia Fides) - In view of the demonstration against the government of Morsi convened on June 30 - the first anniversary of his rise to power - by opposition forces, the Coptic Orthodox Church published a message of thanks and appreciation for the Egyptian army. In the intervention, which was announced on Monday, June 24, the "great role carried out by our armed forces" was highlighted in the dramatic passage experienced by Egypt, and expresses its full support to recent statements by military leaders on the need to cope with the danger of a collapse of the entire Nation.
In recent days, before the tensions which Egyptian society is experiencing, the high military instances had publicly stated its intention to remain at the service of the people and to want to avoid the ruin that hangs over the entire Country. The intervention of the Coptic Orthodox Church seems to recognize the military’s prerogative of balance force and security in the clash that contrasts the forces of opposition to government Morsi, backed by Islamist sectors of Egyptian society.
Meanwhile in Minya, Upper Egypt, Coptic Catholic Bishop Botros Fahim Awad Hanna, in view of the demonstration, has announced, from June 24 to 26, three days of prayer due to the critical situation experienced by Egypt. In a message issued throughout the eparchy, Bishop Awad Hanna asked among other things to pray for all the leaders, so that "the Lord enlightens and guides them to work for the good of all according to the heart of God." Anba Hanna also reiterated the rejection of violence pointing out that the Church does not intervene directly in politics, but it encourages the faithful "to study and evaluate all parties and political initiatives in order to discern and make choices freely, according to conscience." (GV) (Agenzia Fides 25/06/2013).