ASIA/INDIA - In the Year of Faith, a film about Jesus in Hindi to help evangelization

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) – It is an initiative that "will help to communicate the Christian faith, to spread the real face of Christ and the Church to the people of India", this is what Fr. Dominic D'Abreo, Spokesman of the Indian Bishops' Conference, told Fides about the new film on Jesus in the Hindi language, which has just been proposed to the Indian public, on the occasion of the Year of Faith.
The film, six hours long and titled "Christayan" ("The Way of Christ"), is the work of Fr. Geo George SVD, an Indian missionary SVD who used 200 non-professional actors, about 80% non-Christians, and seven years of work to produce the film. Protagonist in the role of Jesus, is the young Hindu Ankit Sharma. The film, explains Fr. D'Abreo to Fides, is an example of "inculturation" as he proposes Jesus with customs, culture and Indian music and presents a Christ who restores dignity to women, the poor, the oppressed, the creation, touching issues that are very eloquent for the Indian public.
According to Fr. D'Abreo the initiative, even if it was launched by the Episcopal
Conference, "is commendable, because in the Year of Faith it will help to discover faith in Christ in our community, but also to remove existing prejudices about Jesus and the Church. " In addition, "for non-Christians it will be, thanks to the Hindi language, a tool to teach them about our faith, also to illuminate them on the knowledge of Christ," in full harmony with the themes of the Year of Faith.
The Year of Faith, concludes the Spokesman, "is finding great attention in the various dioceses of India, who are proposing to the faithful specific programs of catechesis, symposia, exhibitions, seminars, biblical meetings, events dedicated to the faith of young people." (PA) (Agenzia Fides 05/12/2012)