AFRICA/SOMALIA - Thousands of displaced people, homes destroyed and livestock drowned: Somaliland flooded by rain

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hargeisa (Agenzia Fides) - The torrential rains that have hit in recent weeks are forcing thousands of people of Middle Eastern regions of Somaliland to abandon their homes. More than 4000 families of 9 villages in the region of Togdheer have been displaced since last week and are in urgent need of help. The floods have also swept the grocery shopping districts of Qori-Lugud and areas such as Daba-Qabad, Tallo Buuro, Bali-Alanle and Gubato. About 9000 head of cattle have drowned. The President of Somaliland's Environment Research and Disaster Preparedness and Management Authority, reported that there are 600 displaced families in the regions of Sahil and Togdheer. In Berbera, the capital of Sahil, some old buildings have collapsed as well as the traditional Somali huts. The Red Crescent Society of Madagascar has distributed tents. In Qori-Lugud, following the rupture of a dam, most of the housing is destroyed and the waters have exceeded 2 meters above ground level. Approximately 2,800 people are in need of shelter, food and other basic necessities. According to local sources it is the heaviest torrential rains recorded in the last 12 years and the outbreak of waterborne diseases are feared. Toilets were destroyed and there is a risk of cholera outbreaks. The displaced are in need of clean water, pumps for drainage, plastic sheeting, kitchen utensils, blankets and food, is what is read in a statement issued by the president of the local NGO Taakul Somaliland Community. (AP) (Agenzia Fides 06/11/2012)