AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - Ethiopian New Year 2005: "We must pray for peace, justice, prosperity and be ready to any event without fear, strong in faith and hope"

Monday, 10 September 2012

Robe (Agenzia Fides) - Tomorrow, September 11, the new Ethiopian year 2005 begins. Father Angelo Antolini, Ofm, Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Ethiopia and Apostolic Prefect of Robe, sent to Fides Agency the letter he wrote for the event to the entire Church in the African country. "The year 2004 has been a historic year for our Church of Robe - the message reads -. On 11 February 2012, which corresponds to 4th Ethiopian Yekatit, 2004, Pope Benedict XVI erected the new Prefecture of Robe. On 29 April 2012, according to the Ethiopian year, the 21st Miazia 2004, I was appointed Prefect Apostolic of our Church - writes Fr. Angel -. Between feelings of deep emotion and hard work for everyone, a new journey began for me, for you priests, religious and for all the faithful. Thinking about the new year, we have a feeling of a degree of uncertainty, we need to pray for peace, justice and prosperity for our people and be ready to any event without fear, strong in faith and hope," continued the Apostolic Prefect.
"The first evangelization to non-Christians is a task of our pastoral commitment, which implies us to be ready to renew ourselves, to change when needed, to be near our people, appreciating their culture, their traditions, ambitions, objectives, struggles for peace and development."
With regards, in particular to priests, Fr. Antolini recalls: "If we want to be worthy followers of Jesus Christ, we priests should not feel more priests when we preach or minister the liturgy than when we deal with the social, development and charity works. Even manual work is important. We should not relegate ourselves only to an office, feeling superior to others and to our workers. Manual work is a good testimony in our effort of evangelization. " (AP) (Agenzia Fides 10/09/2012)