AFRICA/SOMALIA - Tens of thousands of people in Somaliland have no home or food or health care

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hargeisa (Agenzia Fides) - Due to severe drought that has hit most of the Republic of Somaliland for 4 years, about 120 000 people in coastal regions, central and western are in urgent need of food. The areas most in need are those of Asha-Ado, Lughaya, Garba-Dadar, Gargaara and Waraqa-dhigta, in the Salel Region, where 450 tonnes of food from Djibouti were recently distributed. People have gathered in the villages after losing their livestock. Thousands of former farmers have migrated to areas such as Abdul-Kadir, Asha-Ado, Cel-Gal and Harirad where some residual water sources remained. In the past people managed to survive by exchanging their livestock with food, now thousands of families are desperate for livelihood. They have no home or food or health care. In these 4 years of drought, also, many people have died. According to local sources, 500 mothers have died during childbirth because they were malnourished, and 1500 children have died from malnutrition. In the village of Garbadadar, on the Golis mountains, 125km northwest of Hargeisa, several hundred displaced families have been welcomed. They are looking for means of subsistence or support by the Somaliland government and international and local aid agencies, but still wander in confusion. It is estimated that 20 000 families have been seriously affected and all urgently need food, water, medical care and shelter. The most vulnerable, like the young and old, are in danger of starving and dehydration. The daily temperatures this time of year, in the coastal areas of Somaliland, are above 40 degrees Celsius. The situation in the region has continued to deteriorate since the month of March. (AP) (Agenzia Fides 19/7/2012)