AMERICA/UNITED STATES - Migrants and the Church's pastoral commitment: meeting of Bishops on the situation in Central America

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Washington (Agenzia Fides) - The delegates of the Episcopal Conferences of the United States, Mexico and the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, will meet next week in the Dominican Republic to analyze the impact of illegal immigration in the region: this is what we read in a note sent to Fides Agency from the Episcopal Conference of the United States of America. The meeting will take place from May 28 to 30, "it will examine how to work together to take positive action on emigration" in this region.
A key part of this dialogue will be focused, among other things, on the treatment of migrants in countries of destination and transit, the impact of departure in their communities and "the implications of these realities in the Church's pastoral work." At the end of the meeting the publication of a statement with recommendations for the regional cooperation between governments on this issue is expected.
The U.S. delegation will be led by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Mgr. José H. Gomez, as President of the Committee on Migration of the Episcopal Conference, which will be joined by the Bishop of Little Rock, Arkansas, Mgr. Anthony B. Taylor. Among those who have confirmed their participation are, besides the Bishops of the Dominican Republic, home of the event, Archbishop Rafael Romo Munoz of Tijuana (Mexico), Mgr. Alvaro Ramazzini (Guatemala), Monsignor Gregorio Rosa Chavez (El Salvador ), Mgr. Arturo Gonzalez (Cuba), Mgr. Yves Pean (Haiti), Mgr. Pedro Hernandez (Panama), Mgr. Jose Grullon (Dominican Republic), Mgr. Angel San Casimiro (Costa Rica), Archbishop Pablo Varela (Panama), and the Bishops Maurus Muldoon and Juan Jose Pineda (Honduras).
According to data collected by Fides, violence against immigrants is one that scores the highest number of deaths in Central America: Only in Mexico (see Fides 20/04/2012), in the last 4 years 80 000 immigrants have been kidnapped and killed by criminal groups. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 24/5/2012)