AFRICA/CHAD - Local Church celebrates the appointment and ordination of third Chad born Bishop

Thursday, 16 September 2004

Moundou (Fides Service) - With deep emotion and sincere joy the Church in Chad celebrated the appointment and ordination of Bishop Joachim Kouraleyo Tarounga the new Bishop of Moundou diocese in southern Chad who is the country’s third locally born Bishop. Bishop Kouraleyo, until now rector of N’Djamena inter-diocesan major seminary, was ordained on September 12 in Moundou Cathedral by Bishop Michele Russo of Doba. According to a local Catholic broadcaster, Radio Etoile du Matin di Moundou, which sent a report to Fides, “the Mass lasted six hours and was rich in symbols. Thousands came for the even from all over the diocese, from other parts of Chad and from other countries”.
In his homily Bishop Russo said that as a successor of the Apostles, the Bishop’s main task is to evangelise. “You are a Bishop for all your people not only Catholics. God’s plan of salvation is for all people everywhere as well as in Chad and in Moundou,” he said. “You must be open to people of every social environment, men and women. For everyone you must be a father, ready to listen and to encourage, while showing respect for differences and diversities” said one of the assisting Bishops.
Bishop Russo recalled that the Bishop must be a shepherd who guides his people: “Your ministry is to be a man of dialogue, patience, listening, able to make decision which can involve suffering, when it is for the good of the community or the Church. You will need courage and boldness to guide the people entrusted to your care along the right path”.
“You are called to walk with your people and to lead the pastoral project in the diocese of Moundou” Bishop Russo reminded the new Prelate. “There are enormous resources which you must reveal: young people, all the baptised, the laity, the different groups present in our communities which need to be encouraged to participate more actively in the life of the Church” ha the Bishop concluded. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, righe 29 parole 370)