ASIA/HONG KONG - Bishop Zen and the entire Catholic community criticise the new education law passed by parliament

Monday, 12 July 2004

Hong Kong (Fides Service) - After Hong Kong’s parliament approved a new education law on July 8, the Catholic Bishop of Hong Kong, Bishop Zen, has openly voiced his disappointment. The Church in Hong Kong had already publicly expressed disapproval of the Bill by means of an open letter written by Bishop Zen and a torch light procession and prayer vigil on 6 July the day before the Bill was due to be debated in Parliament. The prayer vigil, led by Bishop Zen was organised by the HK diocesan Justice and Peace commission.
The Commission said that Catholic parents and teachers attending various conference, meetings and forums warned that the law could diminish the role of the Church in education damaging Catholic schools. However, Bishop Zen says that the local Church will not give up its commitment in the field of education.
(Agenzia Fides 12/07/2004 Lines: 17 Words: 164)