AMERICA/CHILE - “The level of development of a community is measured by the ability to take care of the weak” declare the Bishops of Chile

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Santiago (Agenzia Fides) - The Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Chile (CEC) published a statement entitled: “Cry for innocent lives” in which everyone is invited to protect unborn human life, offering useful information for the discernment which must take place in the consciousness of Catholics and all people of good will. The statement was published on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, 28 December, and was presented by Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati of Santiago, President of the Episcopal Conference, and Bishop Santiago Silva, Auxiliary Bishop of Valparaíso and Secretary General of the CEC.
In the document, in 12 points, the Bishops of Chile use the occasion of Christmas to urge people to be aware of the proposal to decriminalize abortion in certain cases. The text, inspired by the teaching of the Church, intends to contribute to the thinking of legislators and political leaders on “an issue that deeply affects the national soul, as it is the fundamental right to life.”
This, according to the Bishops, is how to respond in the best way, always being respectful of the life of mother and child, through health services, the legal sector and society as a whole, so that they may reflect a deep respect for the right to life of every human being. At the same time we must reflect on how these issues can educate all people about related basic human values, such as respect for life, caring for the weak, solidarity, compassion and justice. “We believe,” the Bishops write, “that these are the questions for discussion. Because the answers that we as a society and as a Country give, mark the life of the mother and child, as well as the national soul and the culture that we build.”
“We believe,” follows the text, “that the level of development of a community is measured by its ability to take care of the weak and the sick. A society that allows them to be eliminated gives way to violence as a way to resolve conflict, becoming a dictatorship where the strongest also make decisions for the weak. Nobody has the right to claim the power to decide which life deserves to see the light of day and which does not.” The document concludes with an invitation to relive Christmas in the perspective of the defence of life and is signed by all the Bishops of Chile. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 29/12/2010)