AMERICA/PERU - The situation of Peru's poorest citizens should not leave the rest of the nation indifferent, Catholic Bishops say

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lima (Agenzia Fides) – The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Peru has drafted a message for the country's Anniversary of Independence. A copy of the message was sent to Fides. Today, 28 July, Peru is celebrating 189 years of democratic life as a republic, free of Spanish dominion. The Bishops' message, “Our Homeland, Peru, a Gift” refers first of all to the Holy Father's words regarding respect for life as the centre of all development.
“ Quality of life for our citizens is closely connected with the quality of the institutions of our country; therefore the forces of government, each according to their kind, must continue to respect each other's legitimate autonomy and mutual complementary nature, at the service of the common good, considering that institutional quality is the best way of achieving the inclusion of all citizens in the national community” the message affirms.
“The situation of Peru's poorest citizens should not leave the rest of the nation indifferent. This is a debt which must be paid and a debt which we see on the faces of thousands of brothers and sisters denied the dignity due to them as children of God. Therefore the time has come to give priority to the promulgation of laws which will meet the real needs of our people, taking into account the nature of the human person, the human family and human society”, the Bishops write.
Unfortunately there are still many obstacles, the message continues: “Situations of tension spread suspicion and mistrust and fear to voice personal opinions and ideas. The Church, which defends the good of individuals as well as the common good, cannot be indifferent to these facts, therefore we call for dialogue and reconciliation so that all may live the new life won for us by the Risen Christ”.
The message concludes with an invocation to the Patron of Peru: “"May the Lord of Miracles (the most profound devotion for Peruvians anywhere in the world, writer's note) bless our people and give us the courage to set aside our fears and offer Christian and humanitarian witness, making our Peru, a great country: a precious gift which God has entrusted to our hands.”
(CE) (Agenzia Fides, 28/07/2010)