AMERICA/ECUADOR - Bishops of Ecuador voice concern: “A country which lacks democratic stability and social equity has no future ” and call on everyone to work to help build the homeland of their dreams

Friday, 30 April 2004

Quito (Fides Service) - In the face of signs of political instability which threaten to lead to more serious moral and economic troubles, the Catholic Bishops of Ecuador recently issued a pastoral Letter “Living in a democracy in a just and fraternal society”, in which they voice deep concern and call all Ecuadorians to re-discover common sense and then to act with responsibility.
“A country which lacks democratic stability and social equity has no future ” the Bishops say recalling that because of the mission received from Jesus Christ all have the duty to announce the Gospel of Truth and Hope. In this prospect they denounce “incoherence of electors and elected, blind obstructionism of certain opposition groups, pressure from groups in power which think only of their own interests, widespread ambition and corruption which create a society totally alien from authentic democracy and a hindrance to the development of the country ”.
In the Letter the Bishops give indications they deem necessary to start coherent, transparent and effective processes in view of democratic co-existence to render possible the building of a just and fraternal society: “While not questioning the necessity of economic stability, it is urgent to fight the humiliating scourge of social inequity. One way of doing this is to give priority to funding public healthcare, education and social insurance works”. The social policy of a state cannot be limited to paying state salaries regularly, which is right, what is needed is reform above all in education and healthcare services. The second suggestion offered by the Bishops concerns the culture and practice of honesty in public life: “the best service a President can offer the nation is to surround himself with collaborators that are honest and capable.” The Bishops end their letter recalling that everyone has the duty to help build the homeland and they encourage all to contribute to this commitment with positive attitudes. (R.Z.) (Agenzia Fides 30/4/2004; Righe 24; Parole 322)