ASIA/INDONESIA - Appointment of coadjutor archbishop of Makassar

Saturday, 21 October 2023

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) - The Holy Father has appointed the Reverend Fr. Fransiskus Nipa, of the clergy of Makassar, Indonesia, hitherto judicial vicar and deputy parish priest of the cathedral, as coadjutor archbishop of the same archdiocese.
Msgr. Fransiskus Nipa was born on 29 January 1964 in Marcali, in the archdiocese of Makassar. He studied philosophy and theology at the Wedabhakti Theological Faculty of Yogyakarta, in the diocese of Semarang, and was subsequently awarded a licentiate in canon law from the Pontifical Urban University of Rome.
He was ordained a priest on 3 July 1990.
He has held the following offices: parish vicar of Messawa-Mamasa (1990-1995); parish priest of Polewali (1995-1997); defender of the bond of the ecclesiastical tribunal (2000-2005); director of the Spiritual Orientation Year for seminarians of the archdiocese (2000-2002); archdiocesan secretary-chancellor and special secretary to the archbishop (2002-2013); judge of the ecclesiastical tribunal (since 2005); judicial vicar (since 2006); and parish vicar of the Cathedral Makassar (since 2013).
In addition, he has taught at the Catechetical-Pastoral Institute of Toraja. Finally, he has served as a member of various archdiocesan councils and commissions: Board of Directors of the Archdiocesan Educational Foundation Paulus; Presbyteral Council and College of Consultors, and Archdiocesan Council for Economic Affairs. (Agenzia Fides, (21/10/2023)