AFRICA/CHAD - Erection of the Diocese of Koumra and appointment of the first Bishop

Saturday, 12 August 2023

Vatican City (Fides News Agency) - The Holy Father Francis has erected the new Diocese of Koumra, with territory taken from the Diocese of Sarh, making it a suffragan of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of N'Djaména.

The Holy Father has appointed the Rev. Samuel Mbairabé Tibingar, of the clergy of N'Djaména, until now the Vicar General of the same Diocese, as the first Bishop of Koumra.

H.E. Mons. Samuel Mbairabé Tibingar was born in Sarh on 27 July 1972 and was ordained a priest on 26 November 2005. After high school, he entered the St. Luc de Bakara Interdiocesan Major Seminary in N’Djaména (1997-2004). He obtained his Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome (2007-2011) and his Doctorate from the Theological Faculty of Central Italy in Florence (2011-2016).

He has held the following positions: Vice-Priest of the Cathedral of N’Djaména (2005-2006), Parish priest of Saint Paul de Kabalaye in N’Djaména (2006-2007); Collaborator of the Parish of Santi Martino and Giusto in Lucardo Alto, Florence; Trainer in the Interdiocesan Major Seminary of Sarh and then Rector (2017). Since 2021 he has been Vicar General of N’Djaména.
(Fides News Agency 12/8/2023)