AFRICA/CENTRAL AFRICA - The new "last mile" of Doctors with Africa Cuamm in favor of the population of Bossongoa

Monday, 19 June 2023


Bossongoa (Agenzia Fides) - A new 'last mile' where some 180,000 people live, a single 130-bed hospital with two general practitioners, without specialists, who do a little of everything. This is Bossongoa, a remote and 'forgotten' place from where Don Dante Carraro, director of Doctors with Africa CUAMM, has just returned. “I was in a beautiful but extremely fragile and unstable country: the Central African Republic. An eight-hour drive on a bumpy road, heading northwest, took us from Bangui, the capital where Cuamm has been working for five years at the Pediatric Center with significant results, to Bossongoa”, the missionary recounted. Don Dante describes the situation of instability and insecurity that he has experienced. "Every 30 kilometers there is a checkpoint and an obligatory stop for document control. I have never seen so many soldiers as in this area. It is undoubtedly an insecure and unstable country, but also with a great desire for peace and to start anew We decided to go to Bossongoa, where there is the highest maternal mortality rate in the country and the needs are enormous. Now we are here, in this new last mile, forgotten by so many, that nobody sees but for which, with the help of all , we will try to do our part. We want to try to give young Africans, so many mothers and children, a little more hope of being able to find answers to their needs, where they were born and grew up. This is what they ask of us and what we try do with all our might!" (AP/DC) (Agenzia Fides, 19/6/2023)