AMERICA/BRAZIL - General Assembly of the Scalabrini Missionary Sisters: In times of global crisis, the phenomenon of migration remains a priority

Monday, 16 January 2023 emigration   missionary institutes  

Caxias do Sul (Agenzia Fides) - Three months after the canonization of their founder, Giovanni Battista Scalabrini, the Scalabrini Missionary Sisters begin their tenth General Assembly, which opened today, January 16, and will last until January 29, 2023 at the Saint Charles Institute in Caxias do Sul (Brazil).
According to the note sent to Fides, the General Assembly is an event full of grace for the Congregation and for the Church, and all the sisters are invited to participate, from preparation to implementation, says the communication sent to Fides. The Superior General, Sister Neusa de Fatima Mariano, asked in her letter of invitation that the 10th General Assembly "be prepared and actively accompanied in all communities, with prayers, studies and Eucharistic celebrations, with an attitude of listening and openness to the Holy Spirit, to accept God's call to our Congregation at this historic moment".
"We conduct this assembly in full accordance with the different realities that deal with migration in the world and also in Italy, following the guidelines of Pope Francis," continues Sister Neusa, "The challenges of the world of migrants continue to be among the planet's priorities, at a time of great global crisis". The Assembly will be attended by sisters from 27 countries around the world where the Scalabrini Missionaries are on the frontline for migrants.
The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo (Scalabrini Missionary Sisters) was founded on October 25, 1895 by Saint Giovanni Battista Scalabrini.
Its mission is to serve migrants and refugees, the poorest and most needy, who need spiritual and social help. The Congregation spread first in Brazil, later in Europe (1936), North America (1941) and in the last decades also in other countries of Latin America, Asia and Africa. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 16/1/2023)