AFRICA/NIGER - A special day of joy, faith and sharing in the Dosso mission

Friday, 30 December 2022


Dosso (Agenzia Fides) - "Hand in hand we can achieve great things and bring joy to those around us". Beyond the clichés, Christmas is a difficult time in a Muslim country where Christians are a tiny minority. “However, Christmas in our community of Dosso is pure, simple and vital joy because it is hospitality, it is welcoming those who come to visit us, and it is a child, a new life full of promise. For the second year in a row, we celebrated the child Jesus together”. This is the message that Father Rafael Casamayor, missionary in the small community of San Carlos Louanga in Dosso, sent to Fides on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.
"It is joy because it is God who comes to visit our people, our homes - continues the priest of the Society for African Missions. We all celebrated the Eucharist together, contemplating God's humility and love for us and we honored him in our African style with songs, dances and cheering. We exchanged greetings, ate together in an atmosphere of overflowing joy, encouraged by the young people, the salt that gives flavor to the community. All together in an endless circle where there were children and adults, men and women, each showing their skills, but above all their joy". (RC/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 30/12/2022)