AMERICA/ARGENTINA - Ignorance, discrimination and racism towards indigenous peoples must be fought by making their reality known

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La Bolsa (Agenzia Fides) - "The violence and harshness with which those who defend their right to the territory and to live according to their vision of the cosmos are repressed, as well as those who accompany such requests", are denounced by the Aboriginal National Pastoral Team (Endepa) of Argentina, at the end of the meeting during which the activities carried out in 2022 with the indigenous peoples were evaluated and the actions for 2023 were identified.
The meeting, held in La Bolsa (Córdoba) from December 2 to 4, saw the participation of representatives of diocesan teams from all over the country and the Country and the President of the Episcopal Commission for Indigenous Pastoral Care (CEPA), Msgr. Luis Antonio Scozzina OFM, Bishop of Oran.
Recognizing the plurality of indigenous peoples present in Argentina, the final declaration confirms "once again the persistent expropriation and expulsion from their living spaces". He then notes that "our Common Home continues to be plundered, devastated and humiliated with total impunity. There are many conflicts in the territories where, once again, the powerful interests of mining companies, large estates in foreign and local hands, urban development projects, among others, are protected by national and provincial governments".
In addition, Endepa deplores the lack of response from government institutions to the numerous requests to guarantee physical security, in particular in the communities of Yvy Porã Miri, São Vicente and Misiones, where members of the Indigenous Pastoral Team (EMiPA), have also been attacked, "beaten, insulted and threatened, in the face of the inaction of the institutions". Many indigenous territories and communities in Argentina are in areas of conflict: land, mega-mines, oil, lithium, indiscriminate felling of forests, water, pollution of rivers... "It is with pain that we continue to see the high levels of ignorance, discrimination and racism that exist in society in general, reflecting a very negative image of indigenous peoples, expressed mainly in the media".
After noting the lack of consideration of the reality of the laws and the criminalization of demonstrations, the text reaffirms, at the end of the meeting, "the firm commitment to the threatened life of indigenous peoples", and the redoubling of efforts "to make their reality known, broadening our gaze and broadening our heart, so that in this Common House that we inhabit, there is room for all, feeling diversity as a richness and not as a threat". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 6/12/2022)



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