ASIA/BANGLADESH - With the sacrament of Confirmation, 224 young people are "missionaries of the Gospel"

Thursday, 6 October 2022 sacraments   youth   children   evangelization  

Dhaka (Agenzia Fides) - The Lord has confirmed their faith and sends them as missionaries to the world. In Dhaka there are 224 adolescents and young people who have received the sacrament of Confirmation and have declared themselves ready to proclaim God's love in the family and society. In the celebration that took place a few days ago in Dhaka in the parish of Tejgaon, one of the largest in all of Bangladesh, with more than 12,000 Catholics, the Archbishop of Dhaka, Bejoy N'D Cruze, OMI, celebrated the solemn Eucharist in the presence of an assembly of more than 1,500 faithful.
Among the young people of the parish of Tejgaon, Agnes Gomes, a 13-year-old girl who was confirmed, tells Agenzia Fides: "With the Sacrament of Confirmation I received the gift of the Holy Spirit from God. From now on I will announce the Gospel because I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I love him". "During the years of catechesis, we have understood the importance of Confirmation, we have learned to read and delve into the Word of God for our lives, we have experienced the beauty and strength of the Holy Spirit that has been given to us", adds Gomes.
Beside her, Michael Rozario says he is "inspired to preach God's message". "God willing, I want to be a priest and give my life to the Lord. By receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, I have become a true friend of Jesus Christ. I feel in my heart an immense force of love that will expand in my family, in school, among friends," says 14-year-old Rozario. "I follow Jesus and I want to bear witness to Jesus Christ with my words, my life and my behavior. I am his messenger", he says, expressing his gratitude for those, priests and catechists, who accompanied him, and will continue to do so, on his journey of faith.
The children's parents and relatives are also happy: “My grandson received Confirmation. We see that he is growing up with the blessings of Jesus Christ. Confirmation will help him mature as a good Christian", says Monju Costa, a grandmother.
Addressing the young people during the Eucharistic celebration, Archbishop Bejoy N D'Cruze said: "When you receive Confirmation, you have the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, which is the Spirit of love. With love, you can win everything. You are united more firmly to Christ; you have the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit within you, with a power to spread and defend, by word and deed, the faith, as true witnesses of Christ; you can boldly confess the name of Christ and never be ashamed of Him, ready to give your life for him".
The parish priest of the parish of Tejgaon, Fr. Subrato Boniface Gomes, invited the children, and with them all the parents, to continue to attend Sunday mass, recalling that "in addition to school education, children also need spiritual food that helps them grow as people. That is why I ask all parents to continue to attend the parish, to experience Sunday Mass with their children every week, to participate in pastoral activities and in community life".
Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country with 165 million inhabitants; Christians of all confessions represent 0.3% of the population, among which Catholics number about 400,000. (PA/FC) (Agenzia Fides, 6/10/2022)