AFRICA/SIERRA LEONE - New catastrophic floods: preserve the environment and avoid irresponsible waste

Thursday, 15 September 2022

Freetown (Agenzia Fides) - The heavy floods that hit the country do not seem to have any respite. After the rains recorded several times in August 2022 (see Fides 2/9/2022), there are new losses caused by the disastrous torrential rains of September 10 in the western region of Sierra Leone.
"We continue to appeal to all to preserve the environment, plant trees and stop irresponsibly littering. Otherwise, we will continue to suffer the dangers relentlessly", said Fr. Peter Konteh, Executive Director of Caritas Freetown, assessing damage to Kiera Chaplin Desert Flower School, a charity run by Caritas Freetown to help girls from vulnerable families, among others. "The school is located at the foot of a hill from which rocks fell which destroyed pipes and infrastructure", he said.
"Torrential downpours followed, with the rainfall becoming increasingly intense. The litter lying around prevents the water from flowing freely, causing landslides and damage to structures", Fr. Konteh pointed out, who is also the founder of the Desert Flower Foundation-Sierra Leone (DFF-SL).
"Along the way, the water carried debris, including heavy rocks that settled on the roofs of buildings in the school complex, he added. A woman carrying a six-month-old baby was trying to run to a safer place when a large rock hit her and injured her. In pain and confusion, the woman dropped the child who was swept away by the rushing waters. Later in the day, the body was found and buried".
The priest called on the communities that are suffering from these dramatic environmental calamities to work to reduce them. (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 15/9/2022)