AMERICA/VENEZUELA - "Catechists with a synodal heart" for listening, dialogue, discernment, integration

Monday, 12 September 2022 catechists   synodality  


Caracas (Agenzia Fides) - On the occasion of the celebration of the "National Week of Catechesis 2022" that will take place in Venezuela from September 18 to 22, the Department of Catechesis of the Episcopal Conference has prepared an aid entitled "Catechist with a synodal heart" that delves into the theme of the week. The presentation underlines that "the heart is the center of the vitality of the human being, therefore, of the catechist", and the aid was prepared so that this week is an opportunity to "reflect, pray and celebrate how the heart of the catechist should be, a synodal heart ready for listening, dialogue, discernment and integration". The biblical quote of reference is Phil 2, 2b: "have the same love, the same spirit, a single sentiment".
"The heart is the house of the fire of the Holy Spirit that removes all coldness to walk with the other and live fraternity" explains the text, underlining that from that vital center, the catechist: "takes the initiative to go out without fear to offer mercy; he gets involved in reality, touching the flesh of the history of his interlocutors; accompanies, assuming the processes with patience no matter how hard they are; he bears witness, knows how to bear fruit and celebrates the work of the reign of God". When the heart is sick with individualism, laziness, pessimism, spiritual worldliness, war among us... "it cancels the possibility for the catechist to be a witness, communicator, companion, mystagogue and synodal".
The material includes the deepening of the theme chosen for the National Week of Catechesis 2022 through activities to be carried out in a group of catechists and dynamics of individual and community reflection. On Sunday, September 18, a message to the catechists is planned by the Department of Catechesis of the Episcopal Conference, while on the last day, Sunday, September 25, Mass will be celebrated for the Day of the Catechist and the missionary sending of the catechists. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 12/9/2022)