AMERICA/ECUADOR - The point on dialogue envisaged by the peace agreements: "it is the only way to resolve the great conflicts and the historical demands of all"

Thursday, 8 September 2022 social situation   politics   catholic church   indigenous  

Radio panamericana

Quito (Agenzia Fides) - With a message addressed to all Ecuadorians, presented yesterday during a press conference, the Presidency Council of the Bishops' Conference of Ecuador, guarantor of the Peace Acts Agreements, took stock of the situation (see Fides, 22/6/2022; 24/6/2022; 1/7/2022; 6/7/2022; 19/7/2022).
The text first of all recalls the 18 days of social mobilization, followed by the Acts of Peace signed on June 30 by the Government and by the Indigenous Organizations, with which they committed themselves to dialogue on various issues, asking the Catholic Church to be its guarantor. A coordination table and ten technical tables were then set up "in an atmosphere of cordiality, respect and co-responsibility", with the participation of representatives of the Government, indigenous and social organizations, the Church, as well as experts and guests. The coordination table indicated the concrete objectives, methodology and timing.
In a meeting on August 31, the text continues, the coordination table assessed the progress made by the technical tables, noting that of the five open tables only one had completed its work, due to several reasons, including the complexity of the issues addressed. For this reason, the methodology adopted for each table was reiterated: a first day dedicated to the organization of work followed by five continuous days for the discussion of the proposals to reach the conclusion with the results achieved by the parties. It was also decided to close the four tables in progress by September 9, open the other five remaining tables on September 12, and close them by October 12.
"We thank the representatives of the national government and indigenous and social organizations, the facilitators, the speakers, experts and guests, for their significant contribution in the search for solutions to the problems presented", reads the message of the Bishops, who exhort the Government and Indigenous and social organizations "to appreciate the progress made so far, to continue dialogue as the only sensible and practical way to resolve the great conflicts and historical demands of all Ecuadorians, especially the excluded and impoverished".
By inviting to follow the established timetable, the Presidency Council of the Episcopal Conference ratifies the commitment to "continue in the commitment to facilitate dialogue, accompanying the technical discussions and officially informing the results achieved". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 8/9/2022)