ASIA/BANGLADESH - Young people: in the Bible the source of evangelization and the path to Heaven

Wednesday, 31 August 2022 bible   evangelization   youth  

Bagerhat (Agenzia Fides) - A copy of the Bible in one's hands, as a source of grace and as a sign of being ready to witness and announce the Word of God. In this way, more than 130 young Catholics from the diocese of Khulna, in the south of Bangladesh, have reiterated their missionary commitment in a seminar organized in recent days by the Diocesan Biblical and Catechetical Commission of Khulna. Father Jacob S. Biswas, coordinator of the Commission and vicar general of the diocese of Khulna, explains to Agenzia Fides that "the purpose of the biblical seminar is to ensure that our young people can love God's message because it shows us the true path of life.
The key point of the Holy Bible is to love God and to love our neighbor. If we say that we love God, but we do not respect and love people, this love has no meaning. This is what we have told our young people".
Young people have been encouraged to read the Bible every day to understand its value and open their hearts to the grace of Christ. "Protestants read the Bible more than Catholics. Many of our young people have discovered it and have committed to reading it every day", he points out.
Fr. Biswas recalls that "the Word of God offers comprehensive guidelines on how a person should lead his life. We want our young people to become people so that other people who build others with their example, loving God and their neighbor. By living the Gospel, faith is sown and people are drawn to Christ", he says.
The initiative to carry out Bible seminars for young people, which is also organized by different parishes in Khulna, bears fruit. Sumit Mondol, a university student, tells Fides that "she wants to read the Bible regularly and to lead life according to the teachings of the Word of God. The Bible is the way to go to Heaven, it contains all the answers for a better life. Reading it every day is a path to salvation".
Among the various activities, the Diocesan Commission for Catechesis and the Bible promotes catechesis and the biblical apostolate, contributing to the preparation of catechetical and biblical texts in local languages and to the training of catechists and teachers of the Christian religion. (FC/PA) (Agenzia Fides, 31/8/2022)