AMERICA/MEXICO - Vocations: "It is necessary that we become sheep who recognize the voice of the Shepherd in the midst of life in order to discover the way"

Thursday, 5 May 2022 vocations   bishops  

Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - In a message sent to vocational pastoral workers in view of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations, Sunday, May 8, the fourth Sunday of Easter, the Mexican Bishops exhort to live this day, which sees united in prayer the Catholics from all over the world "to ask the Lord for the workers his harvest needs".
Looking to Jesus, the Good Shepherd, as presented in this Sunday's Gospel, "who takes care of us and encourages our work of vocational promotion", the Bishops place three elements at the heart of the spirituality and culture of vocation: " the voice, the life and the way". "A fundamental element is the shepherd's voice," they write in their message sent to Fides -, as sheep we must recognize the voice of the Shepherd who constantly speaks out because he loves us and as a sign of his love through his speech he protects us from dangers and shows us the path to follow in order to have true life". For this reason, the Bishops invite vocation promoters to "listen to the Voice of the true Shepherd in order to understand his will". "The voice is embodied in life," the bishops continue, who urge us to "recognize life as a gift from God," so that the flock may recognize the presence of the Good Shepherd who is guiding us amidst "all the other noises that distract us, confuse us and lead us to death". It is therefore necessary to accept life as a place of encounter and "at the same time to value the life of all those with whom we are to accompany in order to help them understand the life that the True Shepherd gives us". Jesus calls himself the Way. For the promotion of vocations, the path is the path followed by listening to the Shepherd's voice. "It is necessary that we become sheep who can recognize the voice in the midst of life, to discover the way, so that as shepherds, when we accompany the sheep that the shepherd calls, we help them to discern the voice, the life and the way". Finally, the bishops invite the faithful to prayer "so that the Good Shepherd may give the vocations that the Church needs" and conclude their message with the words: "We are not alone, we are the sheep who at the same time reflect the attitude of the shepherds because we must allow ourselves to be guided in order to be able to lead, we must accept life in order to give life and we must follow a path in order to propose a path". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 5/5/2022)