AMERICA/BOLIVIA - The bishops: contemplating the family of Bethlehem, every home becomes a school of growth and positive experiences

Wednesday, 15 December 2021 violence   human life   reconciliation   christmas   episcopal conferences  

La Paz (Agenzia Fides) - In view of Christmas and the end of the calendar year, the Bishops of Bolivia make a "serene but hopeful" assessment of some pending issues that Bolivians "must know how to face with wisdom and a serene heart". They therefore cite the legalization of abortion, feminicides, infanticides and other forms of terrible violence, exhort on the importance of "generating spaces for debate with adequate information, within the framework of respect and recognizing the dignity of all people as beloved children of God, committing ourselves to the search for solutions and better opportunities, leaving aside ideologies and political interests".
While they share this message of hope, entitled "Celebrating the gift of life", the Catholic Church in Bolivia "made up of faithful of all ages, women and men, who every day strive to bear witness to their faith", expresses their solidarity with all the people who have suffered from the loss of their loved ones, due to the pandemic, excessive violence or other circumstances.
"We hope - continues the message of the Bishops sent to Fides - that each person, contemplating the family of Bethlehem, recovers the values that help us so that every home is a school of growth and positive experiences such as: welcome, respect for the Gift of Life, fraternal encounter, solidarity and dialogue between brothers. Let us not forget that Jesus, the Son of God, became man by assuming our humanity with the sole purpose of saving us and making everyone's life more dignified".
Finally, the Bishops recall that the season of Advent prepares us to welcome "the best gift of God for his People, Emmanuel, God with us, who comes to give us hope and integral salvation; May He give us the values of peaceful coexistence, respect, trust and full life".
They therefore hope that the celebration of the birth of Jesus "strengthens our hopes and encourage us to follow a path of personal and community growth of service to the most in need. May Christ our Savior renew our desires for reconciliation, unity and peace for the year 2022". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 15/12/2021)