ASIA/CHINA - Christmas lights are turned on: the Catholic community intensifies its spiritual journey and its works of charity

Monday, 13 December 2021 christmas   prayer   caritas  

Beijing (Agenzia Fides) - Yesterday, on the third Sunday of Advent, the Christmas lights, lights of hope, illuminated the different parishes of Beijing, with great emotion of the faithful, who were able to return to the churches after yet another restriction caused by COVID-19. Among these communities, the faithful of the parish of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, gathered in the courtyard of the church with lighted candles in their hands, whispering prayers with the melodious song of the parish choir “Teodorico Pedrini”. In this way, they paid homage to Fr. Teodorico Pedrini (CM, Fermo June 30. 1671 - Beijing December 10, 1746), a great Italian missionary, theologian and author of sacred songs, who founded and lived in this church during his stay in the capital of the Qing dynasty empire. It was an evocative moment, above all a strong moment of faith and missionary spirit, because the faithful transmitted the joy of the Christian message to all those who live in the area, offering a living and eloquent witness. The Chinese Catholics' path to Christmas has intensified in recent weeks also through concrete charitable works. On the feast of St.Francis Xavier, Patron of the mission in China, the Charity group of the parish of Aozhen, in the city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, led by Fr. Qiqigeli, of Mongolian origin, and by the nuns, despite the sub-zero temperature, visited the county nursing home.
In addition to Christmas gifts, they brought the Lord's Love to the elderly, through medical care, assistance and willingness to listen to them and spend a day with them. Finally, the parish priest gave the blessing to the elderly and the nurses and assistants. The Yongnian Basic Ecclesial Community in Shanghai was established 16 years ago by a group of immigrant workers from the diocese of Yongnian (now Handan), in the province of Hebei. Throughout these years of hard work, they have never neglected the life of faith and charitable commitment. During the liturgical celebration on the theme "Along the way of the beatitudes", on December 4, the members of the group confirmed their spirit of adherence to both the mother diocese of Yongnian and the diocese of Shanghai, which welcomed them. In addition to active participation in the life of the parish where they are guests and in the monthly community meeting, around Christmas, the members of the community have helped families in difficulty, donated blood, visited the elderly and the sick. They also financially supported the construction of the bishopric, the diocesan training center, the orphanage and the restoration of churches in various dioceses. (NZ) (Agenzia Fides, 13/12/2021)