AMERICA/NICARAGUA - The Bishop of Matagalpa: "many broken families due to a migration that bleeds the country, we are living another Exodus"

Tuesday, 5 October 2021 emigration   social situation   marriage   local churches   family  


Matagalpa (Agenzia Fides) - "Today we think of so many families shattered by a migration that is bleeding Nicaragua; once again, Nicaraguans suffer the loss of so many people, our best brothers, men and women, intelligent, daring, creative, entrepreneurs, workers, of the countryside and the city, young people and even children, who represent the future of our country Complete caravans of Nicaraguan brothers and sisters who have not found in our country what they need to live worthily and who seek, even at the risk of their lives, other horizons. It is another pain in the soul, our souls suffer from so much pain": this is what the Bishop of Matagalpa, His Exc. Mgr. Rolando José Álvarez underlined, during the Mass celebrated on Sunday, October 3 in the Cathedral of Saint Peter the Apostle.
Taking a cue from the biblical readings of the Sunday liturgy, according to the note released by the Bishops' Conference of Nicaragua, sent to Fides, the Bishop focused on the sacrament of marriage and therefore on the family in his homily.
"How can we not think that Nicaragua is experiencing another Exodus, as a people in search of a better future, because the doors in their homeland have been closed to them", said Mgr. Alvarez, who continued: "Migrants, seeking asylum, exiles, refugees, prisoners, we want to be together, because, we insist: Nicaragua belongs to everyone and we all have the right to live in peace and freedom, in justice and holiness, all as brothers; without exclusions, without Nicaraguans who are treated as waste".
In the homily, which was also broadcast by the Church's media and its digital platforms, the Prelate appealed: "We want to live without human peripheries, the spiral of violence against the family must be stopped, the Nicaraguan family must not continue to disintegrate, above all, because the family, any family without distinction, is an expression of the family of the Trinitarian God".
Referring to the text of the proclaimed book of Genesis, Mgr. Alvarez stressed that, far from a common misinterpretation, "both men and women are of the same nature, equal in dignity and greatness". He then highlighted the three notes that make up marriage: "unity, indissolubility and fruitfulness" and stressed that marriage is always open to life, "therefore, children, more than a consequence of the love between the two, are the continuation, the presence, the expression, the manifestation of the love of the married couple". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 5/10/2021)