AMERICA/MEXICO - The Bishops: "It is urgent to work together to find solutions to current emergencies, there is no time for divisions!"

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Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - At the end of their plenary Assembly, the Mexican bishops published a message addressed "to our beloved Mexican people". Divided into three points, it begins with a look at the current situation.
"We are living in very complex times in Mexico and in the world; the serious situations caused by the pandemic have undermined our national health system, our education system, the safety of Mexicans and the healthy coexistence of families, who have seen their income threatened". We look with hope at the beginning of vaccinations, hoping that this will be rapid, so that "everyone's health is less at risk, the economy can recover, children can attend school, the rates of violence within and outside the families decrease".
The Bishops also hope that the necessary conditions will be created to rebuild the social fabric, so broken today, and they look with concern "the growing polarization of political discourse; the alarming rate of assassinated candidates; entire regions under the yoke of organized crime; the mistreatment of migrants and the militarization of borders; the lack of attention to our common home; the threat to clean energy; the lack of interest in the common good and the truth ... ".
In these serious crises that the country is going through, it is worrying that "some legislators are more attentive to the enactment of laws influenced by gender ideology rather than promoting the values that have sustained our nation, such as the family, respect for life, 'education in civil values and religious freedom".
In the second part, the Bishops start from the desire of the Lord Jesus, "May they all be one" (Jn 17:21), which is the title of the entire message, to exhort to maintain unity: "unity in the effort to get out together from this crisis; unity in the commitment to those most affected by this pandemic; unity in solidarity to go forward stronger; and unity in the desire to reconcile and rebuild the social fabric, overcoming the barriers that divide us". This is essential if one really wants to rebuild the Mexican nation, as the collaboration of all is needed to overcome the current challenges, in order to make a better Mexico possible.
The third part of the message proposes some lines of action. "It is urgent to collaborate together - they write - to find solutions to deal with the health, family, educational, economic and security emergency: there is no time for divisions! We must learn to leave our selfish interests, individual or partisan, in order to reach dialogue for the good of all Mexicans".
The Bishops therefore address the various components of society. To those who govern or aspire to do so, the invitation "to reflect on their fundamental role in promoting agreements that help overcome the crises we are facing". The voters are then invited to conscientiously exercise their right, inquiring about the candidates and their proposals, "so that the vote is free, reasoned and responsible, in line with our human and Christian values". Entrepreneurs and those responsible for economic development, who play a fundamental role in job creation, should not forget that "their productive activity must have the person as its maximum value the common good and the urgency that their actions are carried out in area of a sustainable policy that takes care of our common home… without forgetting their social commitment for the reconstruction of our country".
The Bishops express closeness to families for the difficulties they have experienced in this year of confinement, urging them not to neglect their space of spirituality and common prayer. They also appreciate doctors, nurses and support staff, "for their
extraordinary service during this pandemic, and for reminding us of the importance of serving with love". Thanks go to teachers "for their generous, hardworking and creative service during this pandemic period" and to all pastoral workers, priests, religious and lay people, "for your witness and your commitment to always be close to the People of God in these difficult times". "The Bishops of Mexico embrace all Mexicans - they conclude - and invite them to join forces to work together not for an exclusionary nationalism, but for Mexican and universal multicultural unity". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 20/4/2021)


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