AMERICA/COLOMBIA - CELAM: Closeness, solidarity and prayer to the Bishops of Colombia after acts of violence

Wednesday, 31 March 2021 violence   episcopal conferences  

Bogotà (Agenzia Fides) - The Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM) expresses "closeness, solidarity and prayer" to the Episcopal Conference of Colombia (CEC), after the acts of violence and vandalism that took place on the night of March 29, "when a group of robbers broke into the headquarters of the CEC, causing serious damage to the infrastructure and stealing digital information and values destined for pastoral action and humanitarian aid in the country".
In their message the President and Secretary General of CELAM, Msgr. Oscar Urbina Ortega and Msgr. Elkin Fernando Alvarez, deplore these events, which took place at the very beginning of Holy Week, and the damage caused to the pastoral mission of the Colombian Church and its social commitment to the defense of life and human rights. "Brothers and sisters, we are with you! Thank you for being a 'Church that goes forth', which opts for the poorest. Thank you for your courage as artisans of peace and reconciliation", writes the President of CELAM, hoping that the investigations of the authorities will make it possible to clarify facts quickly.
At around 6 pm on Monday, March 29, a group of 10 men, wearing police uniforms, broke into the headquarters of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia (CEC), informed Father Jaime Marenco, Director of Communications of the Episcopate. The criminals forced the entrance and some offices causing serious damage. "We trust in the mercy of God and in the effectiveness of the authorities to quickly clarify these facts that we deeply regret, but which do not obscure the celebration of these holy days which constitutes the center of the Christian faith", concludes the statement. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 31/3/2021)