AMERICA/HAITI - Three days of prayer and fasting in all dioceses: "Let's give Haiti a chance!"

Tuesday, 1 December 2020 social situation   politics   violence   prayer   conversion   episcopal conferences  


Port au Prince (Agenzia Fides) - "Prayer, fasting and intercession for conversion and for the liberation of the country" is what the Bishops of Haiti are asking the faithful, from 5 to 7 December, in the parishes of the ten dioceses of the country. In a message at the end of the Plenary Assembly and in view of Christmas, the Haitian Bishops' Conference expressed concern about the widespread violence and deplored situations that urgently need to be changed. "Today more than ever, our dear Haiti needs salvation, redemption, peace and profound change: A change in mentalities, structures, ways of governing and doing politics. This year 2020 we have also denounced abuses in governance, the decrees of which are of growing concern (see Fides, 7/7/2020)", the bishops said in their message.
The text continues: "We are deeply affected and express our pain and dismay at the worsening of the situation in the country, which is sinking more and more into violence, misery and health. Today we are witnessing a poisoning of social life due to a proliferation of acts of kidnapping, banditry, rape, murder and barbarism that sow terror, death and mourning and cause people to leave their homes".
"We regret this and repeat with all our strength, with all the angry and exhausted Haitians: No to chaos! No to violence, no to insecurity, no to misery, we have had enough! The Haitian people are fed up! In the name of the God of life, we ask those who commit or support such acts: stop! Your actions are condemned by all the Haitians, they will lead you nowhere", the message continues.
The Bishops propose a solution to this serious situation: "We need an inter-Haitian national agreement to rebuild the country. We have to find the formula together to develop it. We encourage national initiatives that want to join the forces of the country in order to reach a consensus for the reconstruction. Institutions should try again to gain the trust of the people ... Because new hope is the solution and it enables the consensus for social friendship and a new culture", the Bishops affirm.
"The country will not change until the mind and heart change", emphasize the bishops and invite to three days of prayer and fasting.
"Christmas is the feast of Love, the feast of brotherhood, the feast of peace. Let us seek this peace together. Let us give Haiti a chance! Let us spare the beloved Haitian people further suffering and put an end to the violence forever. ! Let us put an end to insecurity and impunity for good!" (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 1/12/2020)