OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - The PMS for Ethiopia: opportunity for education to help break the vicious cycle of poverty

Monday, 9 November 2020 pontifical mission societies   education   children   school  

Sydney (Agenzia Fides) - Support and promote the educational path of children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Ethiopia, an African country where interethnic tensions threaten a new civil war: this is the initiative of "Catholic Mission", the National Direction of the Pontifical Mission Society in Australia, which launched the initiative to support the Catholic Church in Ethiopia. In collaboration with the "Lideta Catholic Cathedral School", a Catholic school in the country's capital, Addis Ababa, a scholarship program has been created to ensure that orphans or children from poor families can access quality education.
"For students, this is a golden opportunity to receive a scholarship in one of the best schools in the country", says Sister Carmen Sammut SJA, who administers the scholarship program at "Lideta Catholic Cathedral School". "The ethical values that are imparted in the training at the school have a positive effect on the students and help them, in the future to become good citizens, educated people and ready to give back to the community what they have received in terms of values and commitment to the common good".
Father Tekle Mekonnen, Dean of Lideta Catholic Cathedral School, emphasizes: "We are committed to the integral human promotion and at the same time we aim for excellent education. We want a school with high-quality education and at the same time the integration of Christian values and principles. This is our main objective".
Many families are struggling against poverty in precarious economic and social situations in the capital of Ethiopia, due to the high cost of living and limited job opportunities. Many parents are unable to pay school fees for their children.
The appeal of "Catholic Mission", in view of next Christmas, will help disadvantaged children to access education in the next school year. "By supporting the fundraising campaign, we can help families in need and give scholarships to children so that they do not miss out on education", said Father Brian Lucas, National Director of "Catholic Mission" Australia. "Education is essential for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to give them a better future and break the cycle of poverty", notes to Fides Fr. Brian. "Many children at Lideta Catholic Cathedral School will have access to education thanks to the support of the scholarship program. The gift of education is a gift for life", concludes Fr. Lucas. (PA) (Agenzia Fides, 9/11/2020)