AMERICA/MEXICO - Mexico is the main destination for Central American migrants

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 emigration   local churches  


Tapachula (Agenzia Fides) - Mexico's border with Guatemala, which had been closed due to the pandemic, was reopened a few days ago, and the number of migrants arriving in Mexico is already increasing. The note sent to Fides from the Mexican diocese of Tapachula indicates that the diocesan "Casa Albergo Belen" is welcoming groups of families with illnesses. Msgr. Jaime Calderón Calderón, Bishop of the diocese of Tapachula, says that "the pastoral care of hospitality tries to do everything possible in this moment of need. Unfortunately, there are families with health problems. There are also pregnant women, children and elderly people". The Bishop underlines that the diocese of Tapachula is faithful to Pope Francis' invitation to "welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants and refugees into our society".
The news coincides with the presentation of the annual report, on September 29, of the Red de Documentación de las Organizaciones Defensoras de Migrantes (Redodem), entitled "Migraciones en México: fronteras, omisiones y transgresiones", which presents an increasingly complex reality.
Among the relevant data: the flow of people in a situation of mobility in Mexico continues to be, as in the last two years, predominantly male, being 83.91% of the total population recorded in the 2019 Redodem report.
The report also states that the departure of the population of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala from their countries of origin is due to "the persistence of factors of expulsion or emigration", which are the economic factors linked to violence in its various manifestations, the lack of economic development and job opportunities. In addition to these are added political factors, linked to local political conflicts, social factors, including violence and insecurity, environmental factors, following expropriations, geophysical and climatological events. The novelty of the report consists in the signaling of Mexico as the destination of an increasingly large group of Central American migrants. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 30/9/2020)