AMERICA/ARGENTINA - Social Week 2020: "In a creative way, we must ask ourselves: how can we get out of all this?"

Thursday, 9 July 2020 development   coronavirus   pastoral   social situation   solidarity  


Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fides) - "Looking to the future with creativity": the second day of the 2020 Social Week took place in Argentina on this theme, which is held virtually because of the pandemic. On Tuesday, July 7 Dr. Fernán Quirós, Minister of Health of the city of Buenos Aires; Juan Cabandie, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation; Dr. Eduardo López, epidemiologist, and Enio García, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health attended the conference. The panel moderator was Mgr. Rubén Oscar Frassia, Bishop of Avellaneda Lanús and member of the Social Pastoral Care of the Argentine Episcopal Conference.
Dr. Eduardo López referred to the coronavirus pandemic, its impact in Argentina, particularly in the popular neighborhoods, and the health system. "We need to understand very clearly what social inequality means", he warned.
In turn, the Minister of Health of the city of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quir, said: "This pandemic has brought deep pain to all our dimensions and to our people ... We have lost capacity, we have suffered limitations and pain in all our dimensions and all the people of the earth, not only in our country and in our city".
Enio García, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health, stressed "building a stronger citizenship, building public policies, a more community vision of care, therefore the question of solidarity is part of the social agenda".
Mgr. Frassia thanked the speakers who participated in the Social Week and referred to the reality of the coronavirus, "this tsunami that has affected all of us".
"I think that today more than ever we must have the ability to listen, learn, learn again, because society, our country, the whole world, must somehow rethink things. The pandemic has touched and defeated all areas, all sectors: personal, family, social, work, business, people without work", he warned.
"Somehow, creatively, we have to say and ask ourselves: how can we get out of this, where are we going, how do we want to walk? "You have to work for the common good. We have to work and think big, we have to see how these things that affect everyone are resolved", concluded the Bishop. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 9/7/2020)