AMERICA/NICARAGUA - Hate, blood and death: a heartfelt SOS to the international community

Thursday, 27 February 2020 violence   social situation   politics   local churches  

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Managua (Agenzia Fides) - "Once again the people of Nicaragua have been smeared with hatred, blood and death. Until when? Nicaragua is no longer a rule of law. The Nicaraguan people are launching a strong and vibrant SOS to the community international": these words, shared with Fides, by a Catholic missionary priest in the Latin American country, describe how much suffering the Nicaraguan people live in these moments. For at least 6 days, the police have been surrounding the homes of a dozen opposition leaders and even the Cathedral of Managua, to block any attempt to demonstrate calling for the release of political prisoners.
There are numerous testimonies and videos that have been sent to Fides with the Cathedral of Managua surrounded by the police, also videos of shopping centers where some demonstrators went, with the police who violently break in to stop these people.
On February 25 the new "National Coalition" had decided to demonstrate in the capital, but from the early hours of the morning the city found itself manned by police in riot uniforms. This "National Coalition", which brings together seven civil movements and opposition political parties took inspiration from the opposition created in 1990, when Violeta Barios de Chamorro, at the head of the Union Nacional Opositora (UNO), defeated Daniel Ortega and the Revolucion Sandinista on February 25, 1990.
Recalling this event, February 25 was chosen for the launch of the "National Coalition", but the initiative ended with many arrested by the police, beaten and then released, and journalists violently attacked by the police. This is evidenced by the large amount of videos shared on social media and shot at the Shopping Center in Managua.
The situation in Nicaragua is becoming increasingly difficult for the current government to manage. In fact, the Inter-American Development Bank (BID in Spanish) has presented its annual report where it reports that it has offered loans to all Central American countries except Nicaragua. In addition, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights officially informed that Michelle Bachelet, the highest authority of this institution, will present a report on the situation in Nicaragua publicly to the General Council in Geneva today.
(CE) (Agenzia Fides, 27/2/2020)