AMERICA/ECUADOR - Bishops call for "peace, justice and dialogue"

Monday, 7 October 2019 social situation   politics   episcopal conferences  

Quito (Agenzia Fides) - "Ecuadorian brothers, faced with the great social and economic challenges in which we live, coherent with our human and Christian principles and values, we invite all men and women of good will to peace, justice and dialogue". This is how the appeal of the Episcopal Conference of Ecuador, sent to Fides begins, which is addressed to all Ecuadorians with the title from a phrase of Paul VI: "If you want peace, work for justice".
In recent days there have been riots and protests in several cities of Ecuador, with clashes between protesters and police forces, over 350 arrests were made. At the origin there is the decision announced by President Lenín Moreno to eliminate state subsidies on fuels, which caused the strike and the protest of the categories of heavy transport, buses and taxis.
"Social peace is the fundamental value for considering and realizing fundamental rights, in particular the least favored ones, starting from the right to life in all its phases and dimensions" the Bishops write, emphasizing that violence, in whatever form, "prevents an objective view of reality and seriously endangers the validity of rights".
Therefore the text underlines that "the promotion of social justice must be at the center of all state and private decisions, so that every Ecuadorian has the necessary conditions to live with dignity". In this regard it is recalled that social justice requires the State "to recover the goods of the people, usurped by fraudulent systems, to invest them in education, health, safety, housing, among others".
The last appeal of the Bishops concerns dialogue, considered "the most adequate and efficient way for Ecuadorians, especially politicians, businessmen and representatives of trade unions, to find new ways to lead us to a prosperous country with a fair and equitable economy". Through dialogue the various realities commit themselves to "seek the common good beyond one’s own", remaining open to a responsible encounter, free from extreme positions.
"As Shepherds of the Catholic Church - they conclude - we accompany people in their urgent needs and pray for a peaceful, just and equitable Ecuador, with bread and work for all". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 7/10/2019)