Wednesday, 10 September 2003

Rome (Fides Service) – From 17-22 September representatives of numerous monastic orders, male and female present in European countries, will meet in Assisi, which has become the capital of dialogue since it began to host interreligious prayer meetings convoked by Pope John Paul II. The occasion is the annual Convention promoted by DIM, Monastic Interreligious Dialogue, a monastic structure for communion and dialogue between world religions which operates on all continents and in every country in Europe. Participants will focus on the contribution of monasticism to inter-faith and interreligious dialogue in view of building a future of peace in Europe with, at its foundation, life in the spirit.
Artifice of “Europe’s unification in faith” in the first millennium, monasticism, has always read with prophetic intuition the “signs of the times” whenever great changes took place in history: today it wishes to offer its contribution to building the unity of Europe of the third millennium so that this unity is not only economic and political, but also religious. Among the speakers, Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue who will illustrate work on a new document on interreligious dialogue soon to be published by his Council, stressing the importance of spiritual and interior life for uniting people in authentic communion. Participants will also include Zen Monks from Japan who will lead a prayer and a monastic delegation from the United States. SL (Fides Service 10/9/2003 EM lines 18 Words: 234)