AFRICA/BURKINA FASO - Unity and solidarity to overcome religious extremism

Monday, 13 May 2019


Ouagadougou (Agenzia Fides) - The Church and the entire population of Burkina Faso find themselves in a condition of extreme suffering. Terrorism and religious extremism are growing, priests are being killed, Christians abducted, and even churches that are being destroyed are not spared. In this context of violence and suffering, the general secretaries of the national and inter-territorial conferences of West Africa that constitute the RECOWA-CERAO will gather from May 13th to May 20th in Ouagadougou, for the Third Plenary Assembly.
"Christians in Burkina Faso, like many others in Africa, suffer violence because of their faith. It is in this context of suffering that the Bishops of West Africa meet to bring their moral and spiritual support to Christians in particular and to the people of Burkina Faso in general in a prophetic and fraternal spirit", says Donald Zagore, of the Society for African Missions (SMA), to Fides.
"Still today, in the name of Allah the merciful, people kill. But the truth is that Allah does not send anyone to kill on his behalf. Those who kill in the name of Allah are only criminals who deserve to be arrested and judged according to the laws in force", the missionary continues.
"Today more than ever, the Church of West Africa through the Bishops wants to show the world that the Christians of Burkina are not and will never be alone in this fight against religious extremism. The fight will be won because we are aware of the fact that evil, whatever its content, will not have the last word in our lives, but we cannot face this challenge if our governments are not involved in a concrete and effective way".
The priest concludes by saying: "It is time for our regional governments to truly unite, deploying the necessary means to put an end to this human tragedy. In unity and solidarity we will overcome religious extremism". (DZ/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 13/5/2019)