AFRICA - To remain true witnesses of life: an imperative for African Christian women

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


Kara (Agenzia Fides) - "One of the great revolutions in the history of Easter was to discover that the people who first brought the message of the resurrection to the world were women. Suddenly they found themselves invested by the fundamental mission of nurturing and instilling hope for a human society in the grip of disorder and suffering", says to Fides Fr. Donald Zagore, an Ivorian theologian currently in Burkina Faso for the third plenary assembly of bishops in West Africa, to be held in Ouagadougou from 13 to 20 May.
"Where men complained and cried, - continues the priest of the Society for African Missions - women brought smiles, hope and life. Having been the first witnesses of the resurrection, they have become torches of the light of life, which now and always dispel darkness, the abysses and death.
"The fundamental role of "mother of the living" that the creator gave them from the first hours of creation acquires its fullness with the resurrection of Christ. Giving life to the world is their vocation, the first witnesses of the new life that emerged from the tomb. Indeed, the resurrection is the feast of the living", he adds. Father Zagore underlines that the female experience in the Bible "must become the experience of African women in general and those of Christian Africa in particular": "On a continent constantly in despair, suffering and death, the woman must confirm herself 'mother of the living' and not 'mother of the dead'. Bringing hope to African peoples, remaining true witnesses of life, in this particular historical moment in which the language of death is becoming increasingly powerful, remains an imperative for African Christian women. The female figure must remain a permanent witness of the resurrection of Christ in daily life for the entire African continent". (DZ/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 8/5/2019)