ASIA/EAST TIMOR - Local bishop encourages people "let us enhance the spiritual life of our Church in Dili ""

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ASIA/EAST TIMOR - Local bishop encourages his people "let us enhance the spiritual life of our Church in Dili "

Dili (Agenzia FIdes) - "We must enhance the spiritual life of our Church in Dili " the Salesian Bishop Virgilio do Carmo, shepherd of the Dili diocese, told an assembly of local pastoral workers, priests, religious men and women and lay Catholics. "I urge each of you to cooperate with your parish priests to render this Church stronger not only materially, like this building of bricks, but also spiritually deepening your relationship with God ", said Bishop do Carmo who, as local sources told Fides, recently inaugurated a Church dedicated to St Ignatius of Loyola in the district of Railaco Kraik. The local Catholic community has worked to repair an old chapel generously providing material and labour for the massive structural rebuilding.
"I wish to congratulate all of you for your commitment to reach this day when the chapel is blessed and becomes the holy building of the people Railaco Kraik", the Bishop said to young people, children and adults and the elderly gathered for the inauguration.
The old dilapidated chapel has been renovated thanks to the work of the local community and funds provided by the Jesuits, a local Catholic Alda de Jesus told Fides: "This is a day of great joy and we feel we are a real community. We will continue to work together in the future especially to organise our liturgical and pastoral activities".
A former Portuguese colony, East Timor was annexed to Indonesia in 1975 and obtained independence following referendum, under the supervision of the United Nations Organization in 1999. It is Asia’s youngest democracy. Today East Timor has a population 1.2 million 90% Catholic. (SD) (Agenzia Fides 30/11/2018)