ASIA/MALAYSIA - The Church announces the Gospel in solidarity with the poor

Monday, 8 October 2018 poverty   evangelization   laudato sì   local churches  

Kota Kinabalu (Agenzia Fides) - "In Malaysia, the Church offers an evangelical witness of simplicity and closeness to the poorest of the poor who are migrants, internally displaced persons, the unemployed, vulnerable elderly people, widows and orphans, indigenous people". This is what Father Jerry Rosario, SJ, a Jesuit priest and human rights activist told Agenzia Fides.
Among the experiences mentioned, the diocese of Sabah in Malaysia has committed itself to strengthening the pastoral action of social works, in harmony with the teaching of Pope Francis in his apostolic encyclical "Laudato Si". The intent - says the Jesuit - is to realize a "communion of the communities". "To realize it - he observes - we must first be in communion with the poor and the marginalized.
The preferential option for a priority service to the poorest is a necessity of this historic moment".
Don Rosario, professor of theology, also talks about how to respond to the appeal launched by Pope Francis in his apostolic encyclical Laudato Sì and says: "We need to protect nature as it is created by God, which supports the life of humanity also through Creation".
The priest offers some simple suggestions: "Every citizen should re-use everything that can be re-used and learn how to recycle everyday materials. Every time a plant is cut or a tree is cut down, a new one should be replanted in order to maintain balance in Creation: Unbalance means injustice".
"The Church in Malaysia - he concludes - is called to live in solidarity with the poorest and most vulnerable in society, being in solidarity with them means working for their integral development and their dignity, according to the message of the Gospel". (SD) (Agenzia Fides, 8/10/2018)