AMERICA/ARGENTINA - To be contemplative in action: World Assembly of Christian Life Communities

Saturday, 28 July 2018


Buenos Aires (Agencia Fides) - From Sunday 22nd to Tuesday 31st July, representatives of 70 countries are gathered in Buenos Aires for the World Assembly of Christian Life Communities - CVX.
Pope Francis, in a message sent to the President of the World Executive Council of CVX, Mauricio López, invited everyone to unite in contemplation and action. The Holy Father stressed that "we can enter the heart of God only through the wounds of Christ", and thanked those present "for the dedication and love towards the Church and brothers" as well as encouraging everyone to "continue to make Christ present in their respective environments, giving an apostolic meaning in all the activities that are carried out".
For his part, addressing the 250 participants, Mauricio López stated that "the center of our identity and the source of our vocation in the world is in the contemplation of incarnation", which thus makes possible collaboration with Christ "in the redemption of our humanity".
Lopez defined the mission of the CVX as a means to "seek that people eliminate the disorderly inclinations in order to seek and find the divine will in their lives", having as a goal "the inner knowledge of our Lord Jesus and his project, to love him more, serve him better and follow him on his path that goes towards those who are excluded".
The President of the Christian Life Communities spoke about what he defined as "four tripods that can help us respond to the call to be a gift for the Church and for the world". Lopez also insisted on the need to be witnesses of the presence of Christ in so many people who take on the values of the Kingdom from that spirituality. According to him, all this will be possible to the extent that "we are able to abandon our predominantly rational expectations and our preconceptions, in order to let the mystery of God determine the pace". (LMM) (Agenzia Fides, 28/7/2018)