NEWS ANALYSIS/OMNIS TERRA - Uganda: listen to the voice of civil society to trace the future

Saturday, 28 October 2017 human rights   politics   freedom of conscience   civil society     dialogue   democracy   local churches   legality  

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To rewrite the Constitution to extend his political life and to remain the leader of the country that he has ruled for over 30 years. The attempt of 73-year-old Yoweri Kaguta Musuveni divides Uganda: on the one hand there are those who want to turn page, on the other the faithful of the old president do not intend to see him retired and want continuity. Thanks to the majority held in Parliament, Musuveni's National Resistance Mouvement (NRM) should not have difficulty meeting its leader's wishes and endorse the amendment of Article 102 (b) of the new Constitution, which sets the limit of 75 years age to hold office as President. If in Parliament the maneuver seems destined to succeed, one has to simply understand that in the country the level of conflict rises day after day: arrests, searches and protests strangled at birth. And it could not be otherwise, considering what is at stake. The Catholic Church and religious leaders, in a Christian majority country, propose a referendum to avoid social conflict (...).

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