AFRICA/SUDAN - Cholera epidemic grips the country; many infected, people uncertain what to do

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Karthoum (Agenzia Fides) – Hundreds continue to die of cholera in various parts of the country(see Fides 7/6/2017). The National Epidemiological Corporation says that 820 people have died and an estimated 23.766 are infected. The most recent figures, issued by a group of researchers, speak of 192 cases in White Nile area: in Kosti, Wedelkaki, Rabak, El Jebelein and El Duweim. Another 12 died and 330 infected in two refugee camps El Gedaref and Um Garkur. Three dead are reported in the Northern State and 23 infected in two areas El Bargeig and El Mahas. Red Sea hospital has received 20 new patients with cholera. Health centres have closed, people are uncertain what to do to avoid infection. Initiatives to inform people better include a leaflet “Your Health Concerns Us” issued by the Sudanese Communist Party, urging people to keep homes and dwellings clean and make use of bags for garbage as well as pesticides, disinfectants and soap.
(AP) (14/6/2017 Agenzia Fides)