AMERICA/PARAGUAY - Archbishop Valenzuela insists on dialogue, 18 April peace talks third session

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Asuncion (Agenzia Fides) – Yesterday 10 April Archbishop Edmundo Ponziano Valenzuela Mellid S.D.B., of Asunción, called on parties opposed to plans for presidential re-election, to reflect and participate in the Dialogue Table proposed by President of Paraguay Horacio Cartes, in order to end a crisis which has produced violent protests (see Fides 1/04/2017).
The Liberal Party, the country’s largest opposition group, refused to attend two previous session of talks convoked last week if the controversial proposed change in the Constitution is not withdrawn. Senate Chairman Robert Acevedo, who was present for the opening Dialogue but refused to attend the second session for the above mentioned reasons, told Radio Nazionale yesterday: "Let the Church speak up and encourage these brothers to come to Dialogue, which must lead to comprehension, reconciliation and the signing of a lasting peace. A solution must be found ".
In a report sent to Fides by a local source, the Archbishop stresses the importance of the third meeting planned for 18 April, urges everyone to participate, giving voice to what they are telling the media. "We need to come together, we need to help one another, we need to discuss our difficulties. A member of the Senate must address Parliament; a member of the Executive, the Supreme Court; a member of the Church, must talk with the Church, discuss matters with the people, the priests, the pastoral councils " said the Archbishop, stressing that dialogue is a fundamental element for reaching the social peace so necessary in Paraguay.
(CE) (Agenzia Fides 11/04/2017)