ASIA/LEBANON - President Aoun: militias of Hezbollah are "complementary" to the Lebanese Army

Monday, 13 February 2017 middle east   military   international politics

Cairo (Agenzia Fides) - The Shiite militias of Hezbollah do not represent a danger for the stability of Lebanon but, on the contrary, are "necessary" for the Lebanese State security and represent a "complementary" force to the national armed forces, since Israel still occupies Lebanese territories, and continues to have control of its natural resources". This is what Lebanese President Michel Aoun, a Maronite Christian said in an interview released on Saturday, February 11 at CBC television channel at the beginning of his visit to Egypt. "As long as the army does not have the necessary force to stand up to Israel", added the Head of the Lebanese State, "we feel that the militias of Hezbollah are needed", They - said Aoun "come to complete the military force, and do not contradict it at all", as evidenced by the fact that "there is armed resistance within the national territory". Hezbollah - remarked the President of Lebanon - is not comparable to a foreign army: its militias are formed by the "inhabitants of south Lebanon" that "defend themselves when Israel attacks them or if they try to invade their land", and one cannot call on Lebanese citizens "to surrender their weapons when their land was occupied more than once since 1978". Refraining from using their militias in the Country of the Cedars, the leaders of Hezbollah, according to the Lebanese President, have shown to be trustworthy, and "do not represent any threat to the security of Lebanon".
Aoun's statements are intended to rekindle the debate on the disarmament of the militias of the Shiite Party, requested by the parties supporting the "March 14 Coalition", including the Sunni party "Future", led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri. (GV) (Agenzia Fides 13/02/2017)