ASIA/SYRIA - The Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate distances itself from the Hatune Foundation: "It does not represent us in any way"

Monday, 23 January 2017 jihadists   islam   religious minorities   persecutions  

Patriarcato siro ortodosso

Damascus (Agenzia Fides) - The Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch distances itself from the "Hatune Foundation", the organization headed by the religious Syrian Orthodox Hatune Dogan. The foundation presents itself as a charity, dedicated to helping the poor and needy in various parts of the world, with a special concern for initiatives in favor of Christians and other minority groups subjected to violence in the Middle East and persecution.
A statement released by the patriarchal Office states that the Hatune Foundation "is not affiliated with the Syrian Orthodox Church, nor does it represent in any way the same Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate". The organization - emphasizes the statement, sent to Agenzia Fides - works "in a completely independent manner, without the approval or consent of the Syriac Orthodox Church and its primates in Europe and around the world. Therefore, it is confirmed that the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate does not support directly or indirectly this organization, nor actively promotes its fundraising or other activities".
The Syrian Orthodox nun Hatune Dogan, the mind behind the Foundation that bears her name, is currently working in Germany. In numerous interviews circulating on the Internet, she makes reference to the events of her family, forced to flee Turkey in the past. In many of her statements a total identification between bloody jihadism of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (Daesh) and Islam is proposed. "Islam is ISIS. Anyone who says different things is a liar", said Sister Hatune in an interview nearly a year ago to CBNNews, linked to media networks (Christian Broadcasting Network) founded by US tele-preacher Pat Robertson. "Islam and democracy" stated amongst other things Sister Hatune in that interview "are opposites, like white and black. And I hope that America understands".
It is not the first time that the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate distances itself from organizations which in the West justify their initiatives and fundraisers with the motivation to offer support to the persecuted Christians. (GV) (Agenzia Fides 23/01/2017)