ASIA/INDONESIA - Archbishop Suharyo: "The appeal against corruption is above all for the Church"

Thursday, 17 November 2016 local churches   corruption   politics  

Jakarta (Agenzia Fides) - "Corruption exists in the Catholic Church and the pastoral appeal of Indonesian Bishops to stop corruption is above all for the Church, which must renew itself and develop a service system able to minimize corruption in their institutions": is what the President of the Indonesian Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Ignatius Suharyo who leads the diocesan community of the capital Jakarta, says to Fides. The Indonesian Bishops dedicated the recent meeting held in Jakarta to the issue of corruption (see Fides 04/11/2016).
Speaking to Fides, the Archbishop reported that "all the dioceses, parishes and institutions of the Catholic Church in Indonesia are trying to develop a governance attentive to transparency and the costs of various services in order to avoid waste and losses".
The Archbishop noted that corruption is caused by several reasons: "First, the Church must ask itself if it has paid its employees adequately. The second reason is greed. To form people to honesty and essentiality is a difficult path". The third reason is the structural system.
"This is what the Bishops are constantly studying and improving, as what was done to the government system in an episcopal office", he said.
The pastoral appeal invites to notice "how corruptive behaviors infect even the aspects of church life". The models of corruption in the Church usually follow the models of other institutions, such as "the use of unclear statements or modified with fictitious revenue or other stratagems". (PA-PP) (Agenzia Fides 17/11/2016)