AMERICA/ARGENTINA - “Day for Latin American Martyrs", remembering also Bishop Enrique Angelelli murdered 40 years ago

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Neuquén (Agenzia Fides) – Thursday 4 August the diocese of Neuquen and its Bishop Virginio Bressanelli, S.C.I. will mark the "Day for Latin American Martyrs", remembering also the 40th anniversary of the death of Bishop Enrique Angelelli of La Rioja, on 4 August 1976, and 33 years since the then Bishop of Neuquen, Jaime Francisco De Nevares, denounced the act as a "crime of the dictatorship". Bishop Bressanelli will celebrate a solemn Mass in the Cathedral.
According information sent to Fides, during a press conference Bishop Bressanelli, accompanied by Rev. Rubén Capitanio, spoke about the figure of Bishop Angelelli and announced that he will participate with the group of laity at a commemoration service next Sunday, 31 July, in La Rioja, the diocese of which Mons. Angelelli was Bishop.
Rev. Capitanio recalled that 33 years ago, during the Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Neuquen, Mons. De Nevares, it was declared publicly for the first time that "Mons. Angelelli had been killed, and this had led to opening of an enquiry later entrusted to the Court of La Rioja for investigation". “Although the dossier was archived for a long period of time, recently it was reopened there was a trial and those responsible were convicted " the priest said.
“We intend to remember Mons. Angelelli and his total commitment for God and for his people, and for them we are certain that his action was one for peace, in keeping with the Gospel, for justice, for the truth, for democracy where there is sincere respect on the part of everyone, " said Bishop Bressanelli.
Mons. Enriche Angelelli (1923-1976), Bishop of La Rioja, was one of the most known Bishops in the country to be contrary to dictatorship. He was killed in a simulated car accident soon after the military dictatorship took power. After 38 years, on 4 July 2014, two high ranking officers were found guilty of his murder. For decades the authorities had insisted that Bishop Angelelli’s death was accidental. The diocesan stage of his beatification opened in 2015.
(CE) (Agenzia Fides, 29/07/2016)