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Tuesday, 19 July 2016 episcopal conferences   civil society  


Lusaka (Agenzia Fides) – The 2017-2026 strategic plan of the Church of Zambia wants to help fulfill the mission of bringing the Gospel to the whole earth which Jesus Christ commanded: "This document will help the church spread the Gospel intelligently. It shall be a road map with the help of the Holy Spirit". This is what the Archbishop of Lusaka, His Exc. Mgr. Telesphore Mpundu, President of the Episcopal Conference of Zambia emphasized, who on the occasion of the launch of the 2017-2026 plan also announced the change of name of the body, re-branded to Zambia Conference Catholic Bishops (ZCCB).
According to the statement issued by the Episcopal Conference, sent to Fides, the Archbishop explained that the re-branding is to make the church relevant with time, and the 2017-2026 strategic plan has come about so that the church in Zambia can be appropriate to the current situation and happenings. "The Lord says if we build without Him, we build in vain, and therefore we should be Christians that involve Christ in all we do", said Mgr. Mpundu, noting that the plan for the next decade wants to give greater importance to the Church in the social, political and economic field.
The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops, was established in 1965 and the statutes were approved in 1984. It is a member of the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) and Symposium of Episcopal Conferences and of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM). In Zambia there are 11 ecclesiastical districts: 2 archdioceses and 9 dioceses. (SL) (Agenzia Fides 19/07/2016)